The Salvage Enterprise Crowdfunding Campaign

5BD82B8A-3630-42A2-AD9A-EBD14F6F523D.jpegIn 2012 we successfully crowdfunded our albums “Yes, It’s True” and “You+Me” along with its accompanying documentary/dvd via Kickstarter. Here we are again in 2019, Tim and the band are ready to present the next body of work. We are coming to you, our wonderful fan community, even more direct this time, via our Salvage Enterprise Crowfunding Campaign, which can be found at our website

There are two main reasons we are doing this versus another platform. The main reason being all the money (sans credit card fees) will go directly to the band as opposed to a fee being taken out by the crowdfunding site as well. Secondly having a shopping cart will enable you to select multiple rewards/incentives with ease. The money will leave your bank account when placed by debit card and billed to your credit card when the order is placed. There is also an option to pay via paypal which a lot of you guys have requested in the past. Rewards/incentives will be fulfilled by July 2020.

The funds raised will help us, significantly, in our efforts to make this new record, and all that comes with it- studio costs, engineer fee, producer fee, mixing fee, mastering fee, artwork fee, photo shoot/photographer cost, manufacturing, promotion/advertising, public relations, and videos. And then there are touring costs which include Bus lease, Trailer lease, Busdriver, Gas & other various bus expenses, Airfare (when touring abroad), Crew: TM/FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Technician, etc., Band Salaries & Band/Crew Per Diems. You get the gist! The best part? We intend to hit as many spots as we can in 2020-2021!  But, we need ya!


Our goal is to reach $100,000 by Monday August 19, 2019 at Midnite cst. Along the way, we will be updating backers, offering exclusives for those who have contributed, adding rewards that we dream up or unearth, and maybe even telling you a joke or two. Our reward packages run the gamut from basically a preorder to joining us on stage so there is something for EVERYONE.

Most importantly check back OFTEN and PLEASE share this with fellow dreamers. We will be sharing a bit of the process starting soon! If any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at Thanks for your ears for soon to be 20 years, and more to come!

Sincerely, and with love,

Team Spree

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